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a short time ago hillary clinton bid farewell to the department and the diplomats she has led for the last four years visiting more than 100 countries and becoming one of the most respected figures around the world in that process. >> i knew there was something really special about this place and that having the honor to lead the state department and usaid would be unique and singular, exciting, and challenging. it has been all of those things and so much more. >> as kerry prepares to take over, he may look back on this week as the last time he got a full night's sleep with a full roster of international crises awaiting his urgent attention. just today a suicide bomber at an entrance to the u.s. embassy in ankara, turkey, killed himself and an embassy security guard. the white house said it's working closely with turkish authorities to investigate what it's called a terrorist attack. meanwhile, violence escalated in egypt as thousands defy a curfew throwing molotov cocktails at the outer wall of the presidential compound. police have responded by firing water canons, rubber bullets, and te
? >> reporter: he obviously has some big pumps to fill, if you will. secretary of state clinton traveled more than any other secretary of state in history. i don't think this is a case of, you know, who batted cleanup after babe ruth because john kerry, as you outlined in your introduction, has the credentials, has been in the senate for so main years, was a highly decorated veteran in vietnam and is, in fact, a child of the foreign service who has lived overseas as a child with his patients in berlin and switzerland and some other areas as well. it's the same old hotspots that have been in the past-war era beginning with the east. syria now the hot spot. what to do in egypt as the situation and civil unrest continues there as well. obviously the administration has tried to re-emphasize or at least turn its attention now and emphasize east asia and particularly china. senator kerry, soon to be secretary kerry presumably, is going to be a taking a forthright stance against intellectual property theft. that's something he's on the record as fighting against as well. i also mention climate chang
was even cleaner. the clinton white house helped him clear out the democratic field leaving him only to face bill bradley. it was the most boring democratic primary. joe biden needs to catch some breaks, but if he wants to run for president in 2016 as badly as i think he does, i'd say he's an undervalued bet right now. especially if hillary says no. okay. that does it for "the cycle." ari never an unvalued bet is sitting in for martin today. >> thanks, guys. i'm in for martin bashir who's out sick. america today faced a moment of truth on guns. ch ♪ >> we must do something. >> law-abiding gun owners will not accept blame for the acts of violent or deranged criminals. >> in states that require background checks for every handgun sale, 38% fewer women are shot. >> every woman deserves a fighting chance. >> this time must be different. >> there should have been a hearing just like this right after your wife, one of our own member of congress, was shot. >> background checks will never be universal because criminals will never submit to that. >> you missed that point completely. and i t
to undocumented immigrants as lazy dogs, suggested hillary clinton's state department has ties to the muslim brother 450dhood, and that he doesn't know where the president was born, might targeting mr. king actually help mr. king in some way? >> it could, although here is what i think it does broadly for the republican party. it does mean whoever the ultimate nominee, republican nominee in that race is, has to figure out a way to bring all those voters back together to get enough vote to then run against a democratic opponent who won't have been so ideally beaten up during a primary. remember, it was this sort of republican on republican violence during the primary that gave us, you know, vul titure capitalism that was used in the general election. >> it was also one of the finest clown shows ever to be witnessed. >> it was. far be it to me to deny america such a wonderful show. it's interesting though because similarly republicans have sort of -- i think this gives democrats a very interesting opportunity to exploit these fractures within the republican party. jonathan is right that ultimat
'hahnlan. thank you for being here. let's start with kerry's thesis which is one hillary clinton basically invoked when she started the role. that a lot of domestic politics and a lot of travel and fights can prepare you. do you think that's the case given the agenda that's on here for the second term? >> to some extent, for sure. it could remind a secretary of state that the country doesn't want any big new foreign military campaigns for one thing. and that's got to be a powerful message in the mind of anybody who's contemplating whether we need to use force to deal with iran's nuclear program or forced to deal with the civil war in syria. so it's very sobering to know where the country is at. and you combine that with a trillion dollar deficit, and you've got constraints on foreign american policy. but also opportunities. >> let me draw you out on syria. the israeli attack along the border just today. where does an incoming secretary of state come in with the hot conflicts that have a fair amount of confusion about them. >> on syria, i think that what we're seeing is the slow motion failure of o
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)